i want to know how to check system spec (command line) in linux like right clicking "my computer" in windows and click on "properties"

some system i know i can do #cat /proc/cpuinfo but how do i check like how much ram the machine has? some system i can't do #cat /proc/cpuinfo even the /proc/cpuinfo exist .. any reason?

in short, i would like to know how to check CPU info, ram info, hard drive info.. thanks for any help. i am using fedora 9 btw

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i would say use the dp command for the disk space
and the top command for the cpu

i think that file which you speak of is just a text document that
has the computer info saved on it some systems do have it some dont

Hi, I use the following....

For CPU & RAM ==> top
can also use ps aux to list all processes.

For disk info ==> df -h

As a bonus, fdisk -l (as root) will tell you about the disks (HD's, USB drives, etc) that are attached. Even those not mounted yet.

Hope this helps.

yes, thank you all. and i just found a command "# lshw" .. it has very detailed info about all your hardwares.. thanks thanks

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