So I've been having a problem with Gaim, the chat client, on both of my systems. Actually, I've reinstalled linux on them both atleast once, and each additional time I install Gaim, I get the same problem. It random crashes shortly after MSN login...

Mostly when my mouse moves over the application. As soon as I log in and go to drag my window or interact with it, the app just dissapears. It doesn't happen any more on my desktop, and I don't know why because it used to, but it's happening on my laptop. That bothers me.

If Kopete were capable of file-transfer, I would use that. Unfortunately all my attempts with Kopete have failed, and I can't get file transfer to work, so I moved to Gaim.

Can someone please help me solve one of the two problems... Kopete file transfer, or Gaim login. I just want a chat client that works well and is user friendly.

What distro/version of Gaim are you using?

And did you download a binary of Gaim, or did you compile it yourself?

For alternative MSN clients (although I've found nothing wrong with Gaim) that have worked for me, I've used aMSN and Mercury.