I want to learn UNIX and UNIX shell scripting. But right now I can just read the tutorials as I don't have UNIX/LINUX at my computer. Is there any way by which I can try and test my UNIX commands and scripts over internet.

What I mean to say is there any online interface where I get a shell on my browser or using something like telnet, so that I can use UNIX OS on my windows OS without actually installing it (and without using Virtual Machine kind of things).


Something like http://www.masswerk.at/jsuix/ will offer you a limited number of commands/software. If you want to learn actual Unix though, at the very least download the PuTTY client and get a shell account.

Hey thanks...
I have a Putty client. But I don't if there is a UNIX server which allows random users like me to login to them and use the UNIX OS.

btw this the link you sent seems good :)

There are many providers which offer free shell accounts with a limited amount of disk space. A query of "free shell account" on any search engine should turn up what you're looking for.

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Thanks, that helps...

Is there some reason why the VM route isn't an option?
FYI, cost isn't one of them, there are good and $0 ones about.

Why not burn an image of Ubuntu to a CD, and simply run the OS from the CD? You wouldn't have to install anything to do this.

wow... I dint know that... thanks...
but this "free shell account" works very fine for me...