Here in the Philippines, on-line gaming is very popular with the younger people at the internet cafes. I am considering buying an established internet cafe. I will have one or two pc's with Windows, but the rest I plan on using Linux. My question is are there any limits or restrictions when using Linux for the various websites for on-line gaming? Since ole Bill Gates is cracking down on piracy, and the Philippine government is doing inspections at the internet cafes, which is an epedemic here, I can use Linux legally without buying a bunch of licenses for Windows. Only a couple of Windows PC's will be available in case someone thinks they need it. How about any plugins necessary for some websites for their gaming? All input is appreciated.

Linux isn't a great platform for gaming. There are few commercial games for Linux so unless you're talking about Flash based games chances are your games won't work. If you want games go Windows.

There are a few, older though, games that you can run perfectly on linux, like enemy territory (witch is in fact more stable/faster in linux for me then it is in win xp) for example
Dunno about new Linux games since my hardware wont support them anyway..

Flash works fine on Linux for me.. I thought there was a linux version of silverlight too. (or is being developed)

I'm afraid that if you use eater web based or installed games, you'll have to check the legal use of the game, game per game..

I'm going to assume he means an internet cafe like we have in Asia. A place packed full of computers and a ton of people there to game. This is quite different from the internet cafes which I've seen in north america where they have a coffee shop with a couple of computers for people to surf the net. Linux is most certainly not going to work for the Asian style internet cafe. Even for the north North American style internet cafes I think that if most people saw linux they would just go "huh?? What the hell is this and where is IE??!!". I don't think it's a good idea from a marketing point of view.