I have been using Fedora Linux for some time now and I love it. I know the there is an official list of packages/applications/software included in each version of Fedora and it is made by the Fedora project people itself. Here is the official (as I understand it) list of packages built into each version of Fedora.


But there are always new packages/programs, games, graphic software etc, being released by independent developers or open source companies. So my questions is, where is an official list of these packages released specifically for Fedora (or Linux in general) by people not directly involved with the official Fedora project?

I generally visit sites like http://www.linux.com/ or read Linux magazines such as Linux Format to keep myself update with the release of new packages for Fedora or Linux in general.
I am sorry if this is a weird question, but please help me out. Thanks.


RPMFusion is a very interesting repository for Fedora users when in need for audio and video software, like codecs (e.g. mp3), players (e.g. vlc player), drivers (e.g. nvidia), ...