hi im new in linux and vmware server.i need to do project using red hat linux 9.0 as server that install as guest in vmware server. but now i got problem where i can not ping host computer from linux guest. window XP is my host computer. i off firewall for both linux and window. i also can not install my vmware tool in guest computer. So can any one help me...

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how is the virtual nic set up?

i manage to communicate from my host computer with my virtual machine through wireless media but i fail if use wired network. here is the virtual nic settings:
for nic set up in host computer:
i got another problem. i x put file or get file using ftp service in virtual machine through php cording. please help me...

what kind of virtual networking are you using there?

im using Vmware server console version 1.0.6. i actually x udrstd wat u mean by virtual networking. im really not good in networking talks...hope u udrstd.

I dnt udstrd shrt wrtg

im sorry. i said im using vmware server console version 1.0.6 software.in this vmware i install red hat linux 9.0 and set up ftp service in it.if i put or get file through command line in linux from my host computer, i can do it. but i failed to do so using php cording.can you help me with this

can you ping the host from the guest? php is for another forum

yes i can ping the host from the guest and vice versa but through wireless media only.thanks for your information about php. i have one question..is it possible for Cerberus FTP server software to detect guest vmware machines. because when i install that software it only detect my host computer only.

of course it will not detect guest machines
you need an ftp daemon on the guest machine if you want ftp access there.

if there is a ping, then communication errors are gone, so you need to open a new thread for the php or ftp issue

how to daemon ftp on the guest machine? Is it same as setting up ftp service in linux.

yes it is

thank you for your help. i can do it ready

how i can create wired and wirless connections between host on a win xp computer and guest on virtual box machine(win xp or ubuntu) in the same computer

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