I have been asked to "Analyse & Compare the Key Features of IIS 6.0 & Apache 2.0" I have to present it to my management team and it should not be to "Techie". I have found plenty on IIS but am struggling on Apache 2.0. Any details on Security, Reliability, Scalability and Ease of Use would be ideal as that is the headings I have for IIS. Many thanks. DB

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What sort of applications are you going to be running, do you have a choice between linux and windows or, windows running IIS and windows running Apache.

How much expirence do you have with IIS over apache?

Are you confortable with config files or do you need a UI ?

Whatever solution, IIS or Apache, will most probably sit on a windows server system. I won't personally be running it, I just have to present the main features of each to management so they can make an informed decision on what to go for. As I said I have loads of info on IIS but not much on Apache. I know it is the most popular choice with around 70% of web hosts using it but what are its key features that I can compare to IIS. Stability, Security, Ease of management, Scalability etc DB

Well like I said, if you are going to be running ASP.net apps theres no logical reason to run apache ;)

Abit more insight would help one way or another. Apache has been around a long time, and is a long standing httpd server in the linux world, less used in the windows world, since its time tested and tempered it has less security issues. It will run about par with IIS in terms of real world preformance at least in realition to php / mysql sites.

Makes sense. Are you saying IIS has improved enough to equal Apache and is Apache totally at home sitting on a windows server? DB

It really depends on your application.

If you are going to be running asp and asp.net apps there is NO REASON to run apache, because theres no support for it

If you are going to be running a php site, you have a 50/50 shot, with it, depending on your setup and your specific NT OS

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