Alright here is the situation, I had a company set me up a server which is down in FL, and it's Linux, they gave me an IP address, user name and password. What I need to do it FTP a program to the server and they run this program from that server, but I need to be able to see what I'm running, anyone know how to do this? It would be a BIG help.

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You'll need to upload the app by either FTP or download it through shell and most likely install the program through shell access.

First of all you will need to download the zip/tar/gz file that contains the game, most games come in one of these formats. Assuming you have ssh access *which is required to start most games*, you will then need to be familiar with some basic linux/unix commands, these can be found in our Linux forum.
You will need to extract the aforementioned file into your home directory, once this is done, there should be a README or INSTALL file inside that directory, using your favorite editor, read this file and follow their instructions.

Really the most complicated part of this entire process is the game server configuration file. But you will need to review the makers documentation there :lol:

Not very comprehensive but ... [thread]1743[/thread]

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