I`m in a computer science program, just started.
I`d like to know the difference between linux and windows, which one is better, or if it`s just a personal preference?
I have never even seen how linux looks like, but I`d like to try installing it in my computer since a lot of people talk about it, and so I can get a little experience with it.
My question is: Is it good to write codes using linux?
And is it possible to have linux and windows installed in the same computer, so I can access either one when I want? ( probably not, just checking)

Thanks guys.

depends on the purpose of use
Many people dual boot with Windows. If you are new to Linux I would suggest a drive rack. Slip one hard drive out and slip another in for a different operating system. Never ever any conflicts

Few difference between Windows and Linux
#1: Full access vs. no access
#2: Licensing freedom vs. licensing restrictions
#3: Online peer support vs. paid help-desk support
#4: Full vs. partial hardware support
#5: Command line vs. no command line
#6: Centralized vs. noncentralized application installation
#7: Flexibility vs. rigidity
#8: Fanboys vs. corporate types
#9: Automated vs. nonautomated removable media
#10: Multilayered run levels vs. a single-layered run level

read here for full details http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/10things/?p=406

this can be more helpful link for you http://www.control-escape.com/lx-win-faq.html

The first question asked above has been asked a TON of times on a LOT of forums. Go read a few posts and figure out if it is for you or not. That much is personal preference.

Is it good to program codes in linux, that depends on what you plan on developing but it is MUCH easier to become a developer/programmer for a linux community than it is for a Microsoft OS just know that people will watch what you write and if it comes out repeatedly bad you won't be allowed to edit or add your own code anymore.

yes, you can boot to both linux and windows on the same computer. I might warn you though that if you install linux you will be expected to do a bit of your OWN searches before asking for help yes the community is great and you will likely find answers to everything you want to know but nobody is going to hand it to you on a platter. I mention this simply because the above post shows that you did not even bother to go to google or any other search engine and look before posting.

Try Ubuntu, it is really easy to use. Or fedora, which will give you a pretty good foundation to use Redhat later. hope this helps..


Read a lot from magazine and books. Visit Linux website. At least install Linux in your computer and explore. Than you will get the idea. That's how I started.