I am using aspell to spell check my work. But my paper (written in LaTeX) has a lot of technical terms and abbreviations that normally wouldn't be found in a dictionary. In fact I might not use some of the words again in other files.

Is there some way I can type up a list of words (e.g. myCustomLatexEnvironment, FTO3.1, ... ) which I can make aspell refer to, in addition to the base dictionary?


Well I've found a solution to it (well, one way of solving it). This solution uses the multi dictionary option of aspell.

First you create a list of words and save it in a file (say, wordlist).

Then you use aspell to create a dictionary out of it by typing

aspell --lang=en create master ./extra < wordlist

The dictionary 'extra' is create with your list of words.

Then, when using aspell, you tell it to use your new dictionary (in addition to the default one):

aspell --extra-dicts=./extra -c afile.tex

And it will spell check your file using both dictionaries.