I recently decided to update my version of python from 2.6 to 3.1. At the time I didn't realize that the gnome desktop relied upon python 2.6. In the middle of py 2.6 un-installation, Ubuntu crashed, when it reloaded I could only use Kubuntu KDE. I would just try to download Ubuntu-desktop from Kubuntu but I can't get the internet to load up in Kubuntu. I also considered starting it up in safe mood and just using a command to get a new copy of gnome, but again, how would I connect to the internet? Any suggestions on how to get this done. One more thing, my Kubuntu how has a very strange looking folder view. Every file and folder is represented by a colored triangle, it's very strange and hard to use.

You could try booting into rescue-mode from a Ubuntu live-CD as described here.

But I'm not sure exactly what this would do, as I've never tried it!
It might be pretty much the same as doing a fresh re-install!