I have been using a dual boot system for several months with no problems...Windows XP PRO on drive 0, and Ubutu on drive 1. Use GRUB to choose which OS. One day, about 2 weeks ago, for no apparent reason, I can't get into Windows. When I choose Windows from GRUB, I get the "Starting Up" message, and nothing happens. Can get into Ubuntu fine, everything works fine. Can access files on the Windows drive from Ubuntu, and the Windows disk get a "PASS" on the diagnostics check. Bearing in mind that I am not a techie, what can I try to resolve this. I tried running the repair console from the Windows CD, no luck, it does the file overwrites, then says to reboot, but can't access Windows. Any help appreciated..lwould really like to not have to reformat the drive...most stuff is backed up, but hate to reinstall all the programs. Thanks in advance.

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Edit the grub file:


I think for reason unknown, the grub loader might have got corrupted. try fixing it first.

Sometimes, (it happened to me once) upgrades overwrite the grub file (it normally asks you as well, if you want to overwrite it or not). Can you paste your grub file here, so we can see if the problem actually is coming from the grub or not, at least makes it easier. Anyway, if you've checked the grub and you're sure that everything is as it should be, then my second guess is, that you've been infected and you're windows can not open for some weird reason (virus, i guess). And good luck, Dan08.

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