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I am able to view localhost page and now I wanted to set up my website on my Apache server. I have a domaine name and IP address. where in httpd file should I make the changes so I can access my site from the outside world?

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Unless you are doing Virtual Hosting, you don't have to put your domain name in your Apache conf file, although you probably want to. You "have a domain name"...what do you mean by this? Did you register it with a service like GoDaddy or Network Solutions? Now you need a DNS server to provide the "zone" for your domain. You can setup your own DNS server, but you'd better KNOW what you are doing! You'll probably need to use a DNS service such as http://www.dyndns.org/. This allows you to associate your domain name with your public IP.

You said you "have an IP addres". Do you mean your ISP has assigned a static, public IP Address to your router? If so, great! You'll need to configure your router to send TCP port 80 traffic to your web server inside your network. Maybe you already understand this part of the equation.

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Yes Troy, the name is registred with godaddy. And for the IP address, yes it is the ISP assigned IP address, a static one. I am going to check out http://www.dyndns.org/.
another problem i just discovered, the outside world cannot see my site. although I am getting the page in my browser when I type the IP address.


Today I found out te reason why the outside world cannot see my site.That's because my DSL provider Cox internet blocks port 80, I was told that I have to purchase a commercial package in order to use port 80 (static IP). is there anyway around that?

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