Ok, so I have decided to dual-boot my laptop with Windows 7 and Fedora 14. So here is a list of questions I have about the choices I have:

1. KDE or GNOME? I've heard that KDE is the better way to go, especially for development, but wanted to know what you guys thought.
2. Partitioning Software? Should I use the one built into the Linux install disk or something else?
3. Does anyone know how well Fedora runs on Intel iCore processors? I imagine it should run fine but was just making sure.
4. Anything else I should know about dual booting?

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1. I use Gnome, but KDE is just as good. I personally don't prefer one over the other.
2. The partitioning software on disk will work fine. Just make sure you know a bit about the partitioning formats to use for linux and windows as some provide more benefits over others. Fedora partition will probs use ext3. Decide how much space you want for each partition. Windows (NTFS/FAT), Linux(EXT3), Linux Swap Space. You could even use a FAT32 partition for sharing data between Windows and Linux.
3. Pretty much any linux distro will run faster than windows. I wouldn't be too concerned about this.
4. Here's a good link to read if you want to know more...

1. I use xfce, there are a few different desktop/windows managers. Play around till you find one that is comfortable and works for you.
2. fdisk or cfdisk come as default with most and work fine. You may want to look at booting the gparted live cd and shrinking your ntfs partition before you install if you only have one hdd. Then you wont need to re install windows.
3. Yep works fine for me.
4. If you do only have one disk and are going to reinstall Windows. Do this first then install linux afterwords. Windows will overwrite the MBR when it installs and fixing that can be a bit of a mare for the beginner.

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