I tend to try to stay away from normal distributions, cult distributions are soo much more fun! ;-) Such as arch, slack, and gentoo.

fedora 7 is stupid. I need to use irqpoll or else my soundcard isnt detected but i cant type any boot options in as it doesnt detect my USB keyboard at boottime grrrr

Isn't fedora supposed to be professional or something?

Professional hah!

Fedora is the test bed for RHEL

RHEL 5 = Fedora Core 4/5

Fedora gets new releases wayyy too often to be used as a production system and is very very buggy...

I like Linux Mint, PC LinuxOS as well as Debian, ubuntu and Centos

I generally only use "root" distributions. In my opinion ripped off distributions are made by lazy people not willing to come up with there own package management.

SLED 10 is the best distro ever. at least in my opinion.

Well folks in the end all distros help each other out in the end.. since it is all community sharable code and ideas.

Ubuntu took debian and knnoppix ( live CD ) to start with which allows Ubuntu to spread faster since you do not have to actually install ubuntu just run in from CD.

Again Knoppix was the inventor of live CD... point is every distro helps every distro in the end. It just so happens that the founder of Ubuntu is a multi - millionaire with nothing but time and money so lets thank him for is contributions to get a wonderful Distro in the mainstream and on DELL computers.

have you guys seen the new Beryl Desktop effects! Go on youtube.com and do a linux beryl search... it blows Vista Areo Glass Effects out of the water.... it is unbelievably magical looking.

Also, with Wine you can run PhotoShop, Winamp and just about any other windows app now on linux.. it seems that most in the main stream do not know this fact but it is absolutely true.

I know all the other distros can use Wine as well.

Ubuntu is simply so well organized and in a way that is simplistic looking with as litttle 'wording' used as possible on its website that makes it so 'User Friendlly.... why do you think Microsoft started yelling about patent laws???

No coincidence when Ubuntu started to be sold on DELL computers directly from DELL and with DELL support this scare M$... no other distro has done that yet until Ubuntu.

Just my thoughts... I enjoy yours as well even tho I dont care much to have to run every dstro out there just cuz it is there... I like to pick the distro that is most up to date and going to have the largest impact on Microsoft in order to get Linux on the Desktop and right now Ubuntu is leading the way.


> No coincidence when Ubuntu started to be sold on DELL computers directly from DELL and with DELL support this scare M$... no other distro has done that yet until Ubuntu.

actually walmart computers have been shipping with linspire for a while now.

but linspire sucks

exactly... Linspire is trying to work with Ubuntu ( trying to take Ubuntu's technologies ) and selling them as addons to their customers... ubuntu gives all those features and software for free ( like the 20,000 Multi-Verse software respositoy. )

Linspire was intially called Lindows ( a mix of Windows and Linux ) stupid name and they got sued by M$. Ubuntu is not trying to mix with Windows like that.. Ubuntu is just offering Open Source the open Source way and yes with Wine will run PhotoShop and most windows APPs ( without having to use VMware, Virtual machines or Emulation )...

Ubuntu is does it RIGHT and listens to what the community wants rather than just trying to start a Windows / Mac OS X rip off..

linspire you can forget exists... But, Ubuntu on DELL and soon walmart will be much different effect on us all ... then linsire...

>Wine will run PhotoShop and most windows APPs ( without having to use VMware, Virtual machines or Emulation )...

wine is an emulator.
and i agree linspire SUCKS.

Actually linspire isnt taking ubuntus technology. Its the other way around. Ubuntu wants to implement Linxpires CNR technology (which is dumb, why would you want CNR when you have synaptic?)

>wine is an emulator.
WINE is a recursive acronym, Wine Is Not an Emulator. It's called this because it doesn't actually emulate an operating system on virtual hardware, instead it creates a reimplementation of the Win32 API so that the programs it runs can perform at native speeds (or close to it).

wine is still an emulator

>wine is still an emulator
I guess in some contexts it could be considered an emulator of sorts, but in reality it's not really one. This is taken directly out of Wikipedia.

Rather than acting as a full emulator, Wine implements a compatibility layer, providing alternative implementations of the DLLs that Windows programs call, and processes to substitute for the Windows NT kernel

Another interesting bit:

An emulator duplicates (provide an emulation of) the functions of one system with a different system, so that the second system behaves like (and appears to be) the first system.

Wine doesn't do that per se.

So what do you call it? A compatibility layer?

its an API

WINE is an API translator of sorts.

When a program wants to say, 'Open a New Window' instead of calling the real win32 windowopen function WINE translates that into a GNOME or KDE window instead.

That way the code does not need to be recompiled and in fact is run as binary win32 code binaries... so WINE is a Translator I think is the best way to describe WINE.

An emulator is just that... it has to set up memory spaces and run kernel spaces ON TOP of whatever OS is running. This is slow and costly and complex really.

WINE simply translates the SYSTEM CALLS into what Gnome or KDE or Qt or whatever graphics library Linux is using as it's GUI in X Windows. So, there is a small translation time cost but this is not really worth mentioning unless your so nerdy and worrried about absolute speed etc etc.. it is hardly measureable... so it is essential just as fast.

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