It is by now a well known fact that you can send a text to a sms carriers sms gateway email and the person on the ohter end will get it as a text (e.g. XXXXXXXXX@vtext.com - Verizon).

However, for some reason I am not able to receive mail from my server on my verizon phone. I can send other mail just fine, and I can receive. What is the issue?

Scratch the sendmail part, it is Postfix

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Whether or not you can send an email to a phone and have it delivered as an SMS message would, I think, depend upon the carrier and the options the user has on their account. It is possible that they don't have SMS at all. I know that I don't on my AT&T phone account. Don't want it, don't need it. Since I have a smart phone, email works just fine for my purposes.


I guess I wasn't descriptive enough. I am trying to send to my own phone, and I know it works. I think the problem is my reverse DNS.

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