Hi Guys,
I am planning to learn Linux.... I have heard from Many RHCE's that if you will learn Redhat then you will know every Linux Distribution.... Is it true???

My 2nd Question....

I want to practice the Command Line in Linux...You can say want to prepare for RHCT... So what should I choose? RedHat or Fedora?

Will both be ok or is there any difference in commands in Fedora from Redhat?


Any Replies and expert Advices will be appreciated...

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Hi there,

All Linux distros have some differences... But essentially, they all perform the same operations, albeit with slight desktop and/or command-line variations.

CentOS is a good, (free) RedHat-based distro, whereas Fedora is based on a debian system. When I first began using Linux I used Ubuntu (another debian based system, similar to fedora). The reason for this was for its ease of use - particularly in terms of software management and graphical interface.

Here's a little test you can take to see which distro(s) are best for your needs http://www.zegeniestudios.net/ldc/

Thanx Mate.... That was Really a great help....

But as I stated that I want to prepare for RedHat Certifications and I don't want a bulky OS on my system so which RedHat based version should I choose?

Any Help and Expert Opinion Will be Really Appreciated.....

Try the free clone of red hat first --> CentOs v5 --> http://mirror.centos.org/centos/5/isos/ If you don't like it, then go for fedora. If you're committed on learning the command-line stuff, rather than tinkering around appearance and software etc, then it really doesn't matter in my opinion.

Otherwise, you may need to buy a proper Redhat OS and/or pay for its support. In a big corporate, where uptime and stability is key - this is where the commercial grade of RHEL comes to the fore.

Even with CentOS which is basically RHEL, the support is not as good Red Hat themselves.

Edit:- Excuse my last post, Fedora is actually sponsored by RH, (and is not debian-based)!

Thanx Man... Really Thanx for the Help.....

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