Hi all

I was messing around on my laptop which running WattOS, which is a remaster of Ubuntu in case you haven’t heard of it.
I plugged in my usb stick and I wanted to format it and I used GParted and I noticed in the list there was ext3 so I thought i would give it a try I normally use Fat-something.

I formatted the stick but then upon trying to mount it within PCMan file manager I get "Unable to mount device: The enclosing drive for the volume is locked" I unplugged and replugged the Stick but same thing, and then I formatted as fat32 but still nothing.

I decided to plug it into my windows machine and it came up "Do you wish to format etc". I allowed it to and then i could open it in windows fine but back to Linux and same old thing "Unable to mount device: The enclosing drive for the volume is locked".

I can mount the drive manually and unmount it manually and create files on it via the shell but graphically i cannot mount, unmount or create any files or drag and drop onto it. I just tried another USB stick and same problem and I havent formatted or played with the other one.

Can anyone help me please?

Many thanks


Hi Dear

Tell me the Scenoria which m facing Regards Linux

i am using a window server on which i had installed 5 VmWare Linux machine;when i access on those machine there time is decreasing

like i set the time through date command 5:00 AM according to mine real time
aftr an hour if i,ll see whats time is there on limux machine 5:45

Can any1 help me to out this struggling Problem

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