Having been encouraged that it is possible to install Mandriva on my HP Mini, presently running Windows 7 Starter, I set about doing it. The Mandriva I am installing is a Live Install, off the original Mandriva on a USB stick. Things seem to be going OK until I reach the partitioning portion. Here I elected to have it install on the free space left by Windows. So it went off and started doing its thing and came back with the following:

"Partitioning failed:raw_add: partition table already full."

Whatever all that means. If anyone can help me out, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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That probably means that there are no available partitions left. The standard partition table only has room for 4 primary partitions. Windows and the recovery partition take two of those. Please boot into the LiveUSB device, log into the GUI as root, start up a terminal/console window, and execute this command, posting output here: fdisk -l
That is a dash ell, not dash one as the argument to the fdisk command.

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