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I have the following problem: i have a .net (C#) app and a Windows Installer project to deploy it. Now i want this Installer project be able not just to install the app onto a 'bare' client machine, but also to check if some previous version of the app has been already installed and update it if necessary.
At first glance, this problem seems as very common and easy to find solution for, but, surprisingly, Google says nothing about it. If somebody knows at least where to look for a solution - i'ld be very grateful for a help.

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Click on the installer in your solution explorer and look in the properties window. Set these properties:
DetectNewerInstalledVersion = True
RemovePreviousVersions = True

That will allow you to upgrade machines and stop accidental downgrades.


You're welcome

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by setting the following properties

DetectNewerInstalledVersion = True
RemovePreviousVersions = True

Setup didn't prompt that another version is already installed, Its updates automatically the previous version installed.

But the problem is it is not updating the exe file; it updates the icon file only.

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