So I have a dual boot system with red hat 2.4 as my main os, and windows xp as my secondary. Anyway I am sick of all the xp bugs and i want to use my redhat again, which i havent used in a long time. but now when i try to boot redhat, it freezes at "bring up ppp0:". why is this happening and how do i fix it? does this haveto do with a broadband connection? it seemed to all start when i got cable internet. anyhelp will be appreciated!

ppp0 is the device used to make modem calls or for DSL lines.

Also, if you're using red hat're a bit outdated. They went up to version 9 before they changed over to providing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 1-4 which costs about 3-4 thousand to purchase.

If you are looking for something that is easy to install and dual boots with WinXP quite well...I suggest you try PCLinuxOS. PCLinuxOS is a LiveCD that you can boot via CDROM/DVD so you can try out before installing to disk. If you like it, click on the install icon ont he desktop and use the installation guide to help you out with it:

The New User guide is also available as a link on your desktop after you install it to hard disk. Have fun! Enjoy Linux...let me know if you have any more questions...