this morning everything was ok
i downloade the latest update for diskeeper and when trying to install i got the error message: I HAVE WINXP/SP2
"ERROR 1402 could not open key. unknown drfg....CLSid
then i try to open the program from desktop and
this is the error message when i try to open/initializa diskeeper 9
MMC can not open the file C:\Programfiles\ExecutiveSoftware\Diskeeper\Diskee per.msc.
this may be because the file does not exist,is not an MMc console,or was created by a later version of MMC.this may also be because you do not have sufficient access rights to the file

any help please would be appreciated

Have you downloaded the latest version of Diskeeper? Version 9.0.532.0 fixes this problem. It's a registry permission problem.

yes,support e-mail me a new full version...evrything is ok now...thanks

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