I tried to craete a dual booting(Xp/Fedora) Pc with xp already installed and 60gb of free hard drive.Now I tried to install fedora 15 from usb(using the dvd iso in Unetbootin).I tried using a custom partition layout and allocated 2048 Mb for swap space and 100 Mb for boot partition.nextly, when I started to create a partiton and allocate 59Gb to it it did not work!Then I tried many times with smaller spaces but it simply showed "not enough space for partition".What to do now?

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Boot your unetbootin device, which is basically a live USB/CD/DVD, and log in as root. Start a terminal (command line) window and execute the command "fdisk /dev/sda". This should put you into the fdisk (disc partitioning utility). Delete the Linux partitions, quit (it will save the new partition table, and then run the install tool.

I have a dumb question.Since I downloaded the full dvd iso and not the live cd version ,how am I going to login to the system before installation.?

Is it just the installation DVD, or is it a live DVD? I assume you burned it to a physical disc (DVD)?

It is the installation dvd. NO,I have not burnt it to dvd(I dont have a dvd drive).I downloaded the iso then i tried to install it using unetbootin.

Ah. Well, unetbootin will create a live USB thumb drive from the iso, but as far as I know, you can't just use it to install the system. Of course, I haven't used unetbootin in almost a year, so it may have changed. What OS were you running it from?

I am using it from windows XP.What should I try now?Shall I use anything other than Unetbootin?Please suggest some alternative(I guess Universal installer wont solve it either)to solve my problem.

I had this problem too.

When you get to the options:
Install Fedora


Open up the command line and type in

Or however much you want.
You have to open it up at the install menu though...
(Boot from disk.)

Here is another problem that i am facing with fedora 15 installation.After i choose the boot loader option I am asked to select a network connection.I set it.then I get messages "trying to activate system p3/p1(don't know what it means)","trying to install updates" and then suddenly an error message "could not find the repository check your install tree..."..What to do?

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