hi guys, im curious about c++ gui qt , the i searched for it and download QT opensource 4.8.2 (300mb+) for windows
i run the installer, then it asked me for MinGw's directory in my pc, then i use the MinGw inside my codeblock, after that it said "Found version 4.41., does not match with 4.4.0, installation may not work"
then it ran..

after finished the installation, i saw in my start program, and picked "QT 4.8.2 (Build Debug Libraries)" , i choosed open source and yes for the agreement, then it took long time to install, then it said about something "qt debug libraries no rule to make target"

does "Qt 4.8.2 Build Debug Libraries" is really needed ?
if yes then how do i fix this?

note :sorry for the bad english

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You probably don't need the debug libaries, unless you actually expect to be debugging Qt itself. If you just want to use Qt in your program, then you can use the non-debug version of Qt. You'll still be able to debug your program, it's just that you won't be able to "step-into" the interal Qt code. Unless you're adding a new feature to Qt itself, you shouldn't need to do that anyway :)

oh okay, thx for the explanation!
Actually im not using Qt yet, im just curious about it ^^ :D

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