hi! i'm new to linux, i've installed OPENSUSE 11.1 and managed to get my lan working, i mean i can see the icon with the plug which shows that the connection is active. Now i dont know how to go about connecting to my Broadband using my username and password. i fiddled around and found a place to put in my username and password, but somehow my computer doesnt seem to connect to teh remote server. someone pl help. thx in adv

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Rohit i would suggest you to contact your service provider...

well.. i did that! ever since i've ended up spoiling some setting in the router, because we tried to configure the router settings all over again and changed from PPPoE to 'Bridging' and vice versa a number of times. as an end result i cant even access the net over my Win xp OS anymore. thankfully i had another router and i've managed to configure it for windows again. i seem to have located the problem area in Opensuse though...what i cant find is the the 'set up a new broadband connection' and then 'manually using username and password' equivalent of windows in Opensuse. there has got to be some place where i can put in my ISP name and the username and password. pl help...many thanx in advance!


if you have a separate router then you should setup a static ip in your opensuse

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