bad news people. when we started the project my cousin told me :

"well use my machine for development as its much faster and way more reliable than that piece of junk you have"

however, about 3 hours ago his HDD of 7 years began making ticking noises and died, taking the distro along with it.

looks like well have to start again (if i can face it)

moral of the story: keep backups as the worst can happen and it will

looks like well have to start again (if i can face it)

Man, that's too bad... although I've lost stuff before, usually when I accidently delete stuff when I'm house-cleaning my hard drive. The good news is that it's always faster to create it that second time.

yeah i think i may fork though - the others wanna recreate but i think i would like to use my LFS experience to build a new lightweight system as i have a large collection of 486dx machines with 12mb or so of ram

that sucks bad.

yeah p.s did u get my pm thenss?

yeah i got it, did you get mine? i sent it like 30 secs ago.

yes well talk more later (me and thenss have decided to rebuild the distro)

Not to sound harsh, but I am still amazed at how many folks-even technical people who *should* know better-who do not back up their data and systems! This is computing 101. And there's no excuse. There are USB hard drives that are 100 to 300Gb that can accomadate a complete data dump of a system. My stratagy: I still use tapes for the data and I'm never without some sort of RAID whether it is on my workstation or servers. For may laptops, I dump the contents of the hard drives to the servers whenever I'm in my home office and then those images are in turn backed up. I use snap shots to back up the systems that are virtual. Of course I rely on the data so it is important to me to make sure that it is backed up. However, this is a good reminder to all. If you need it, back it up!

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