Has anyone here used Linspire or Lindows? and if u did what did u think about it?


Tried it, took it off my system within 24 hours
Linspire tries, but it doesn't even come close to performing fully as I expected it to. Problems had varied from kernel issues to pcmcia cards not being read properly to it just not installing on my laptop for whatever reason.

If you're after a system with a decent GUI, try mandrake or suse, both are great in that respect :)

I'd have to agree with Linux-tech on this one: I used to be anti-Lindows just on principle, but IMHO there are better, more free alternatives, like Mandriva, Suse, or Fedora.

i have used linspire & it is pretty kewl looking & is pretty good if you like getting ripped off. If only CNR did not have a yearly contract it'd be worth it.

the one thing that drew me away was there was no easy way to share your internet connection. I like Mandriva for home networking & sharing internet connections. Far far better & free!! I have gotten many of the software that linspire wants you to pay for to work with Mandriva, ex: limewire, opera, netscape, penguin command, java, Flash etc...

I tried Linspire a while back, and I thought it was appaling. They are almost as bas as M$, making you pay for software, that on all other distros is free. OK, I would maybe use it if you didn't have to pay, and it was a freely downloadable system, but quite frankly, why pay to get Linspire when there are other perfectly good distros around, available for free? I would much rather use Ubuntu, which I use as my main OS.