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Hey guys this must be computer crappy week because i've had problems with two computers. One is SOLVED thanks to jholland and Crunchie. The other problem is with my laptop(not the current PC i'm using)

yesterday for the first time i got a fuzzy screen like the static on a television before you subscribe to cable :D .. i got a message from windows vista saying that the display driver stopped working and then resumed...

I didnt mind it at the time but then it happened again and again. All this would happen after i type my password and a few seconds after windows loads. the next time i got a white screen of death and then a black screen of death. windows is gone.. everything is gone. Finally a clue about what's happening a blue screen that said "Hardware malfunction, contact your manager, system halted! "

so there it is... the system halts every time 2 minutes into windows. the computer is clean but has received a couple of bangs and the screen is a bit loose. I think some PC parts might have moved out of place and is causing a system halt! i bought this PC from the states its a Dell inspiron... should i send it for repairs or would they just mess it up even more?

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Any idea what graphics it has? Nvidia by any chance?

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it might be! but i cant check now as the computer fizzles out and then halts a few minutes after windows loads! how can i check it for you real quick :) ?

Google it's make and model and see what you find!

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