I have a HP Pavilion A6437C desktop with a shorted mobo. I would swap it for a good known one if you are able to fix this one. Board is real clean & manf. in 5/08. All capacitors are good with no bulging or leaking. Hard to find one identical to this one.

Sorry for the long delay.
Updating all my post
Found the mobo as being at fault.
Hard finding a capatible match.

hii.. hii.. i have the same problem and condition with david on my hp pavilion a6438d last 2 month. hp cant solve my problem (US by email nor bandung service centre)..
the problematic vista, since 2008 i bought my computer, had hang very often, making me to shutdown by pressing the button.. and then came the bluescreen for the umpteenthtime for the past two year, after that, there is no POST. is there anybody can help me? any option..

Updating my HP Pavilion D6347C desktop FoxConn mobo.
Found one that's an OEM & has been working fine since then, which i'm typing on now.
Really a great machine even though i'm not too fond of HP produsts anyway. Especially HP laptops. Printer's are ok though.
For your reply "helaw" I have a post response update on my link you should read if your still with us.
Take care!

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