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I am using windows XP now i want to switch to Linux.
Only bcoz i thought i cud use free software as possible as i can.
Currently there are only three things which im using are illegal
1. OS (Windows XP)
2. Photoshop CS2
3. Dreamweaver 8

Im working as a web developer.

Can any plz suggest me which linux is best for me?
Following are my needs
1. Watching movie
2. Music playback
3. Web Development
thats all.

Im asking this bcoz i only have very little experience with Linux
I tried Redhat enterprise 4, Ubuntu (5,6,7), Fedora (6,7) , Suse 10, Mandiva, and also live cds like Knoppix

From these i like Redhat and knoppix(bcoz everything is pre configured)

When i used fedora i was very much disappointed bocz
i tried install my graphics driver for nvidia chipset, i followed the instruction like goto to run level 3, change that, change this etc
and in the end it told me that it does not have source code for
the kernal and so i cannot install my driver :sad:

Also can u suggest me an alternative for photoshop and dreamweaver in linux (dont like gimp) ?

Plz help me
Thanks in advance.

Will it support my chipset drivers etc?

also i need to watch movies

can i install codec packs?

can u explain a bit more?


thanks for ur reply

They don't make dreamweaver or photoshop for linux.

But you can use them using Wine or find an alternative.

Many Thanks Xlphos,
I have downloaded portable photoshop and dreamweaver. I think I can use them with wine.

Can you plz tell me some thing abt video and audio playback
i need to play all type of video like divx, mkv, avi etc.

Also my chipsets are GL40 and GMA4500MHD.
Are these chipset drivers included in All latest Linux distributions?

Thank you crb3 for your reply.
I haven't heard abt the distribution u told me. That is bcoz i wasnt Linux freak ;) . Anyway im going to give it a try.

I just read some features of MEPIS and it sounds good to me.

Plz help me with this too.

Ubuntu will cover all your needs. I tried opensuse, debian, fedora, ubuntu, linux mint. for multimedia ubuntu and Linux mint for server DEBIAN( god I love debian) and opensuse.
Ubuntu will search for codecs and install them for you without u need enter single line in terminal.
But listen to me: install fresh XP, try to use tiny XP, then download ubuntu or linux mint and install it as host OS, simply by insetrting CD in CD drive and follow the steps. then u have both os.


Ubuntu is currently the best linux distribution after Mandriva and OpenSuse. It is suited for users new to linux, and are thinking of migrating from windows to linux.

Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months thereby you are always updated to the latest softwares, better driver support etc. And it comes pre-installed with the basic softwares required for internet browsing, watching movies, listening to music etc...

The link below is very useful to get you started with ubuntu.

I am using Ubuntu, It is really full-filling my purpose. For some popular windows software to run, I use wine, Like Utorrent, Macromedia Dreamwaver CS4 Portable. etc...

Watching movie, . Music playback

Multimedia codec support is a pain in the ass under linux (and in most countries its technically illegal to watch most store-baught DVDs under it)

Redhat is easiest to use I would say.

Did you botther to read the post? he was dissapointed with fedora, which is the home-user, free, more bleeding edge version of red hat. if that lacks the features he needs, then red hat will definately not meet them.

Currently there are only three things which im using are illegal

Please, dont discuss illegal acts here.

And why are all the versions you are using ancient? Fedora 6/7??? 11 is out now! As is ubuntu 9! and suse 11! Use an up-to-date version (I reccomend the most recent ubuntu 9.x) and you will get much better driver support.

:) Thank you all for helping me

I tried Ubuntu 9, it was simply great.
It comes with buitin drivers for system.
So now i dont need to worry abt installing driver (graphics,audio,...). :)

As many of you said i am now able install applications from add/remove in ubuntu using internet. Yes this is easiest way for people like me.

I like Ubuntu now.
I installed wine and then dreamweaver 8 but i cannot open the dreamweaver8.exe with wine!
Also in programs menu under wine only dreamweaver extention is shown not link for dreamweaver!

Can someone show me how to install an application with wine?
(i've installed wine 1.0.1)

Thanks you all Again.

i forgot to tell you people that, i also tried


but unfortunately i downloaded an outdated version MEPIS 6
:D its good but Ubuntu 9 seems more relaxed.

One more thing,
I never thought making internet connection in Linux will be this much easy. With few clicks i was connected to internet.

Im very happy now. :D

Please, dont discuss illegal acts here.

Im sorry for this.
Actually me too didn't want to discuss about illegal things here. I thought those information would be helpful for those who will help me,
they might get idea about my needs that's all and nothing more to do with that illegal thing. :D

Also I noticed that you didn't wasted your chance to give me an infraction. ;)

I installed wine and then dreamweaver 8 but i cannot open the dreamweaver8.exe with wine!

You may need additional libaries etc... Try "winetricks" to get these.

Also I noticed that you didn't wasted your chance to give me an infraction

I didnt really want to, but it site policy and annoyingly the "keep it legal" reason has no option to give just a warning.

I'm a newbie with ubuntu... is wine for free... i still run on dual OS for my windows progs like matlab, and other stuff... but if i can run things with wine... that would be awesome...

i looked at all these posts and are happy to find the "wine" program i will most defenitly try it out tomorow, thank you for that further more i realy like the ubuntu flavor but have never tried any other i like the idea to keep both the os's i have ubuntu, windows 7, xp and server 2003 on my machine. i first had xp installed then 2003 then vista witch i replaced with windows 7 and then linux ubuntu

For newbie like me. Ubuntu 9.04 is user friendly. The software packages is easily available through their Synaptic packages. Thats where I install my Wine. The whole thing is cool. Highly recommended.

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