hi friends,

Iam a newbie to linux, could youu guys explain me regarding these two commands

diff and git

what i understood is diff shows the differnces b/w two files

but regarding this git Iam unable to understand..

git -clone etc..........

and I see a lot of places like this command
diff --git a/packages.lkc b/packages.lkc

what is a,b here?

are they are paths a=/home/------/--------/pakages.lkc etc......

then what is b there........

please clear my confusion


You figured out diff just fine - differences between two files and/or directories. Read the man page for more info: man diff

As for git, that is an entirely different animal. There are a number of source control / configuration management systems available for Linux and other operating systems, such as (starting with oldest/least-used) SCCS, CVS, SVN, and GIT in the open source world, and proprietary ones such as ClearCase and AccuRev, et al. The purpose of these tools is to store versions of software and associated files on a versioning basis, so you can look at the differences between version A and version B for example, and roll back components with introduced bugs / unwanted features. These are some of the most important tools in software engineering environments.