hi frdz..

i brought one web camera(enet PC camera) for last year. That time i used windows Xp.so it worked well in windows environment. now i m using linux(mandriva).. i want use tat camera again.. i dont hav any drivers related 2 tat camera.. wat i do now?.. plz frdz tell me some suggestion 2 solve tis prob..

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sorry frdz.. just before i checked webcam again.. its working without any driver..

Just for future reference, webcams can be a bit hit and miss on Linux.

If your webcam is compatible with the UVC specification (USB Video device Class) then it is guaranteed to work as Linux has UVC drivers implemented.
Although admittedly this could vary from distro to distro. But AFAIK all of the major distros include the UVC drivers!

Take a look at:

Usually only very old webcams are incompatible with UVC and so will most likely only work under Windows unless somebody in the Linux community has created/reverse engineered drivers.

But most webcams from recent years should be UVC compliant. Apparently any webcams that are 'Certified for Windows Vista' will be UVC compliant and so should work properly on Linux using the Linux UVC drivers.

Thanks jason.. my webcamera has USB drive.. it s working now..

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