I want to have a server without any control panel(as they will install apache and other modules).I have install php and nginx successfully.However how to add my domain dns zone via ssh
Also by default nginx document root is /usr/share/nginx/html/ . I have no problem with that as i will host only 1 domain on my dedicated server.

Can anyone of you be generous enough to give me step by step instruction on how to add the domain dns zone and set document root to /usr/share/nginx/html/ so that when i go to http://mydomain.com/ , my site loads fine
My OS - Centos 6 Minimal
No Control Panel
SSH access available

Use these in your explaination
Server uses BIND
REally looking forward to solve this asap
Thanks a ton in advance

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The 'A record for @' means you didn't define the primary domain (you defined a subdomain, which could be a different machine, so you must be specific...)

I usually set my A record without www.
then make CNAME records for the www, mail, ftp or whatever. (CNAME are basically registered aliases for your A records). A records help split a domain over multiple machines.

You might want to use command 'dig' to lookup 'yourdomain.com' and 'www.yourdomain.com', and make sure they both resolve to your IP.

If they are both resolving, your problem may not be DNS, but with nginx.

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