i usually used win7 x32 bit and i use sql server 2008 r2 enterprice in it and there is no problem ,
but i change my windos and installed win7 x64 on my labtop after that i try install the same sql server which i used in this system it have problem called (culster node) i try to install it more than time but there is no any way the problem appering when i do that
after that i setup the last version of windos wich i usually use and try to install sql server i found the same problem.
can any one help me how fix thise problem it called(culster node)

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If I undertood well, you are trying to install a cluster node in a W7-64
You need to install a non cluster, default instance, in a W7 machine. Because the Enterprise license is really expensive, and intended for server environments, maybe you just want to install a developer or standard license in the W7 machine. See here for the different versions features and verify wich of them do you really need.

Hope this helps


thank you for your reply but i think there is a special configration in win7 future for it
but for your bost i need to work with enterprise i have the license so i need to use

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