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I am in 4 floor Building. See diagram attached.
Each floor is divided into 2 sides “F” & “B”, F=left & B=right.
And each side has a 24-port 3com super stack III 3226 switch (S1-S7).
And each switch per side has up to 28 user/pc.
Each floor has 2 printers one on each side, HP Lasejet 4200 (P1-P7).
And one HP Color LaserJet CP3525 in the server room (P8).
Each switch is connect via fiber to a main switch in
a server room “netgear gsm 7312” (S8).
I have 17 server in the server room with static ip-addresses.
My network is now Gateway= DNS1= DNS2= DHCP= NETMASK=
I have one Scope in DHCP: Start= & End=, lease for 1 day.
I want to segment my network so that each floor side is on its own network, and can access the servers.
Like This:
Netmask: = 27
All the printers has static ip-addresses.

4B- Network=  Broadcast=   IPs=
4F- Network= Broadcast=   IPs=
3B- Network= Broadcast=   IPs=
3F- Network= Broadcast=   IPs=
2B- Network=   Broadcast=   IPs=
2F- Network=   Broadcast=    IPs=
1B- Network=   Broadcast=    IPs=
1F- Network=     Broadcast=    IPs=

Plus I have 2 Cisco RV082 Router (R1-R2) that I will use to setup an IPsec VPN connection over the internet to do a server to server backup.
All the Servers will have a “1F” ip-addresses.
All the pc will be DHCP.
All the pc will be on the Domain “”

How do I set this up if all my servers are Windows Server 2008 R2?
How do I configure Active Directory, DHCP & DNS to work with this setup?

BTW: my AD, DHCP & DNS are on one server, but I would like to have a failover/load balancer on another server, how can this be done?

On the current Active Directory server (, you should already have a DNS zone for the domain ( Get the OS set up on the second server. Point its DNS configuration to the existing DC. Run DCPROMO, during the wizard, join an existing forest, existing domain. Provide admin credentials, finish the AD installation, restart.

Install DNS on the second server. If the DNS zone on the first DC is Active Directory integrated in scope, the DNS zone will replicate according to AD and show up on the second DNS server.

Tutorial: Install the Windows Server 2008 DNS Service
Video: Install the windows Server 2008 DNS Service

DNS Client Configuration for Domain Controllers

Setup DHCP on this second server as well. Configure the scopes on the first DC to host only 50% of the available leases. Set up the same scopes on the second DHCP server and host the other 50% of the leases.

Load Balancing DHCP Using Split Scopes

For each vlan in your network, configure the relay agent to point to both DHCP servers. That way either server will service your clients. If one DHCp server fails, you still have the other one servicing.

In your DHCP scopes, make sure that you configure your clients to point to both DNS server (DC1 and DC2).

That's pretty much it at a very high level. Absorb this info and come back with additional questions.

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