hi everyone,
i m newbie for linux.i have mandrive and i am unable to get GUI. whenever i start linux it shows blank screen with a question mark moving on the screen. Now if i use command like ctrl+alt+f1. I get terminal and now i can use it for programming in CLI(command line interface) mode. How can i get GUI here?

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You might want to try logging in as root and editing your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and double-check that all the display settings are correct: # nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf

You can run the 'drakx' command from the command line. If it is not installed, you can run 'urpmi draktools' I think.

check /etc/inittab for the default runlevel. it should be 5.

startx starts the gui, unless there is a real problem

after you check the xorg.conf file, you can try run


as root. This automatically starts the desktop environment.

Based on your description in the first post, your already in 'X', and you are having to revert to the terminal mode to be able to do anything. It sounds like you have X installed, but no window manager running in it. You may want to look at something like fluxbox, kde, or gnome to use for window management.

i have installed everything properly.i have dual boot when i start linux it shows blank screen with a question mark moving on the screen and if i press ctrl+alt+f1,it reaches to bash or terminal where i can write any command.if i type startx after that also i am getting blank screen with a question mark.

Have you installed a Window Manager or Desktop Manager to run when x starts? What is in your xinit file?

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