Hi there, i asked my classmate to install ubuntu in my laptop and it was good, my processor is intel i3 2gb ram and i was dual booted i have also windows starter, the reason why i want ubuntu installed in my laptop is that i feel windows starter is running really slow and i just bought my laptop and havent use large pard of my hardrive on anything i didnt even used half of it thats why i thought that it was the windows starter which is running slow so i gave ubuntu a try but at start up after i choose what OS i will use and choose ubuntu i read ERROR, but it continues to load normally, what does that mean?
and another problem i encountered is the picture that i attached, i dont know what to do, i want to play music and i cant, that prompr also pops up on other things that i want to install please try to help me
thank you

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A Package Depandancy error normally suggests that a piece of software (the package) needs something else that isn't installed on the computer.
As you've just installed Ubuntu then there is a chance that you haven't updated and upgraded to the latest patches etc. Not only shall this ensure that you have all the sources (the places the packages are downloaded from) but also shall give you the latest security updates.

The quickest way to update is to search for something called 'Terminal', this is similar to Command Prompt in Windows NT. Once it comes up do the following:

sudo apt-get update - This is saying you want to update the package lists, you shall then need to type in your password.
sudo apt-get upgrade - This is saying to upgrade to the latest version (you may need to click Y when asked to accept the updates
sudo apt-get install -f - Finds any broken/no longer used packages
sudo apt-get autoremove - Removes the packages
sudo shutdown -r 0 - Restart your computer.

What the sudo command does is places you in 'super user do' mode, which is similar to administrator in Windows NT.

Good luck and let me know if this resolves the issue?

thank you!!! ill try it.. and please stand by for more of my questions!! how about the error thing during the startup? what does that imply?

Hmm, I'm not familiar with that sort of error however the likely hood is it is a GRUB error, GRUB being the thing that allows you to boot into different operating systems.

I've done a quick bit of research and it could be an issue with the motherboard, apparantely Intel wants the OS to boot from primary, but if you're dual booting then Windows would be on the Primary.
It shouldn't cause too much of an issue though if it is this, providing it isn't causing any other problems then I would leave it. If you really want to then it might be worth re-installing the OS or fiddling with the BIOS settings on your motherboard.

Another potential error is an HDD problem, does it just say 'Read Error' or is it 'I/O Read Error'?

When does the error message come up? Is it big and bold or just a small little one when it continues with the rest of it's checks?

its bold but maybe when i restart the computer later ill try to write down the exact message it doesnt cause anything much to me, but it really bothers me seeing the word "error" it makes my heart palpitate!
and another thing, i cant play music, or play video, why is that? i encounter same error as the one i posted on the picture.

I still think it might be a package issue, if you want to go to the Software Centre and try uninstalling and then re-installing the music player it might work as then it shall use the latest packages, from the Ubuntu sources, otherwise I am unfortunately running out of solutions? Hopefully someone else on the forums can help.

thats the other problem i tried to install that softaware center but same prompt comes out, and what is that button 'super' ?

Hmmm, unfortunately I am out of ideas, other than to re-install it but that obviously isn't desirable and should be last resort.

Which button are you referring to, or are you talking about the 'sudo' command?

no because i saw on a tutorial that they can open like a window which shows some keyboard shortcuts and they say that it can be opened by pressing the 'super' butoon for about 2 seconds ..

Oh right, it is normally between the Function (Fn) and the Alternate (Alt) keys.

The majority of modern computers, especially those which had Windows installed on it before hand have it with a circle and the Windows logo on it. For a QWERTY keyboard it goes:

Ctrl, Fn, SUPER, Alt, Spacebar from the left hand side in.

ohhh thanks!! now i know~! another thing, i did what u said and type what u asked, but is it really this long to update ubuntu? 19 hrs?

Wow, shouldn't be taking that long.

Assuming it was installed with the latest version (either 12.04 LTS or 12.10) then it shouldn't take more than ten or fifteen minutes... and that's with a poor internet connection.

Judging by the problems and the fact it is taking 19 hours to update then unfortunately I think it might be best to re-install the OS entirely. If you do decide to do it then make sure you backup your files first.
If you are dual booting then uninstall it from the Windows OS, should be listed as 'Wubi' in the programme list. Then when you do come to install it (if you do it yourself) then be careful when it comes to selecting the partition, you wouldn't want to overwrite Windows.

By all means continue to ask questions if it comes to this stage.

ohh ok thank you!

wait so should i just abort this update?

If you plan on re-installing the OS then there isn't much point in continuing, however if you are unsure then it might be worth waiting and seeing how it plays out.

Do you know what version you are using?

yes precise pangoline 12.04 im sorry if i ask too much im a student soooo i really want to know about it. And im afraid that i might get my laptop in danger .. you know ..

Don't worry, I'm a student myself so I understand the concerns... your laptop obviously being a very important part of your education and in general.

How much work do you have on your Ubuntu partition, and how much work do you have on your Windows partition? The reason I ask is to see whether or not it is a viable option to move your Ubuntu stuff onto your Windows side. Once you have done that then you can safely uninstall Ubuntu with the click of a button. Installing is the bit which is more difficult however in truth it is very simple to do. You only need to be careful that you select the correct option, ie. you select to dual boot and not to use the entire disk.

i had my classmate to work on it. coz im afraid to do things on my laptop, my ubuntu is located at my F with 100gb and windows at C with 283gb and i have D with 112gb

How many personal files do you have on it however, such as your documents, photo's and music?

I would ask a trusted friend, who knows what they are doing to move your files back to Windows and uninstall Ubuntu and re-install it again, making sure they use the latest version from the website. A fresh install normally fixes any problems.

That is unfortunately all I can think of now, sorry I couldn't of been of more help.

no sir! thats not true you've been a great help, for a beginner like me and being a girl you know im very afraid to try new things alone, so its been light because i have someone who i can ask with all of my questions ill consider everything that you said, i just installed this ubuntu a while ago so even if i dont save my files its fine, you've been a good help!

No problem, good luck with whatever solution you choose.

In my experience, running Windows(R) side by side of Linux can be dangerous, I think. I have concluded that the Windows(R) bootloader detects the other bootloader and thinks its a threat. So many times the grub gets nuked & you need to run rescatux or a similar Linux distribution to resolve the mbr being gone.
The stable safe idea is to run virtual operating systems. Download i.e: oracle vmbox on Windows and run the other o/s through it.
Unless your happier with Linux, then do the reverse. Booting Linux, then virtually booting Windows, is more stable for Windows(R). More stable than just running Windows(R). As per it does not actually have direct access to the resources, i.e: ram & cpu. Windows only thinks it does.
Also always keep a backup of your data. Things happen youre tinkering around learning.
Personally I would use Linux-Mint over Ubuntu, they have exceeed my expectation well over Ubuntu.

That kind of error does indeed indicate that your computer does not have something installed that the upgraded package depends on. First make sure that you have updated the repository lists on your computer.
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
If you still get the message that some packages can not be upgraded because of package dependency problems, do a distribution upgrade.
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
This will upgrade your packages, as well install newly dependent packages, which upgrade will not do; it just tries upgrading your existing packages.

Linux-Mint was built from Ubuntu. You are not pushed onto a cloud (my issue with Ubuntu), its easier to use & very similar to buntu (as it was was built from it). I used buntu from version 6 to version 10 (which is when they offered the cloud). By version 11 they forced the cloud and i left. In my moving over to Mint, i have been quite happy with it not only for my own use, but new customers i conviced to try it are successful at using it for what they need.
One more thing... i sure do miss the redhat version 3 & 4 installation language for redneck... it was sooo funny. I hope someone makes a distro and puts it back ;)
As i digress... in short, what i am saying is that i think your current linux problems will go away by switching distros to my favorite.

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