I've been using audible.com for my audio books for a while now. I play my audiobooks through iTunes and my iPod. I really want to get away from Windows as much as possible and audible.com doesn't have any Linux support for their audiobooks, Linux simply can not play audible's formats. Does anyone know of any good alternative audiobook stores? Thanks.

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My guess is that audible.com books are DRM-encumbered, and only support decryption on Windows. My advice is to try installing audible software with Wine, and if that doesn't work, then install a virtual machine manager such as VirtualBox and run Windows as a guest operating system - in which you can install the audible tools. I have some Windows software that I need to run which won't play nice with Wine on my Linux systems (I only run Linux as the host OS on all of my computers), so I installed them in a Windows virtual machine where they are very happy to work.

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