I'm using the 620 WinLoader software that ties to an ancient Honeywell LM 620-25/35.

And I've gotten it to work in a one-to-one connection with an RS422 USB adapter. (After lots of rewiring cables.)

Now the tricky part. I've got a coworker who wants to remote into a single box and control 8 LMs (one at a time).

The 620 WinLoader software will only recognize COM1 or COM2.

I figured "No worries!" I'll just use hub4com from the com0com project and tie the COM lines (again, one at a time) to a virtual COM 1. Nope. hub4com won't do it the way Honeywell wants it to. Swell.

I can get an RS422 switch for $600. I'd rather not.

Some thoughts I've had is renaming the COM port via a program. It can be done in Control Panel, but my coworker is going to run into snafus doing that over and over.

I wanted to write a program to do this automatically. However, according to a Microsoft forum, I've found this is not something the average programmer really wants to deal with. facepalm Fabulous. (Note that I'm still considering it.)
I've also found this page by FTDI: http://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Utilities.htm . This might be user friendly enough. I'll ask him when he gets back in town.

Help me, DaniWeb-Kenobi! You're my only hope!

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