I'm a newbie in linux.
I installed Kubuntu 10.10. then tried to install VirtualBox. an error message appeared: g++ is not installed.

the OS cannot be connected to the internet.
where can I find and download a self-contained package for g++ to be installed on Kubuntu 10.10?

g++ is a C compiler. Use this command through your terminal to install it.

sudo apt-get install build-essential

The easiest way would be to connect the computer to the internet, is their a specific reason that this is impossible? The chances are that this is just the first of a few missing dependencies.

If this is absolutely not possible you can grab the g++ package from the Ubuntu package database http://packages.ubuntu.com the package page will show its dependancies which you will need to resolve first.

You can then burn them onto cd and install them with dpkg or apt from there, however this is a really easy way to enter dependency hell.

The build-essential package is a meta-package that will pull down g++ and some other tools required for building things from source. However it being a meta-package it doesn't actually have its dependencies in it, it just lists what needs to be installed. g++ is a member, but it in turn will require dependencies that it will pull down when its installed and its dependencies will pull down their dependencies and so on.

Obvioulsy the above is a really easy way to get into dependency hell. So there are a couple of easier options if you are able to set them up.

Debain allow you to download their entire repo on to 4 or 5 DVD's or 30 odd cd's. I don't think that Ubuntu do similar but a quick ask on their IRC channel will answer that for you. You then setup your DVD drive as the main repo and use that.

If you have another machine that is connected to the internet you can set it up to be a local repo, and then pull down the packages from your local repo to your machine that is not connected.

a driver is needed for connecting. And some drivers need g++. So I need to download g++ separately.

I tried to find and install dependencies.

g++_4.4.4-1ubuntu2_i386.deb and libstdc++6-4.4-dev_4.4.4-14ubuntu5_i386.deb depend on each other. so none of them can be installed normally.

also I cound not find a special version of a dependency.

Is there a complete package!? (containing all dependecies).

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