I am using Ubuntu 12.10 with my Windows as each have a seperate partition and i am wondering about this...drivers are missing and when i try to get on line say that it can't get on line and i wonder if Usb 3.0 can have a way to let ubuntu can install and work on it...or will have to get drivers on Cd as i am talking through laptop and install it on ubuntu to fix this issue and will have no net on it or what i do to update it as ubuntu 12.10 is smooth but can't have audio to play on and wish any can help, thanks all.

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Are you using WiFi, or wired Ethernet? If WiFi, then you probably need to install the proprietary driver and firmware for your WiFi hardware. Run "lspci" and "lsusb" and post the output here. Then I can help you get the proper drivers and firmware installed.

FWIW, this is not an uncommon problem with Ubuntu or other Linux systems that do not install proprietary drivers/firmware by default.

Oh! Nope as i use it on my PC and don't have WiFi at and what do you mean by installing the Ubuntu but not in good way...do i have to reinstall it or what?.

No, you don't need to reinstall the whole OS. You might just need to download some drivers.

Rubberman was merely stating that there might be some pieces of hardware on your machine which require proprietary drivers and that proprietary drivers might not be installed when the Ubuntu operating system is first installed.

To troubleshoot this problem, open a terminal in Ubuntu and run the two commands specified by rubberman (lspci and lsusb) and repost their output.

The lspci command will list details of hardware connected to your pci bus. The lsusb command will list details of USB devices connected to your computer. This will give an idea of what hardware devices you have.

Also lspci -v will show more detailed information about the hardware, including the name of the Linux kernel module/driver which handles that piece of hardware (if any). That might help to track down any driver problems.

Once we can see what hardware you are using, someone here will be able to direct you to the correct drivers, if any are required.

Also, you mentioned network problems. What output do you get from the command ifconfig? That will show the networking status of your PC in Ubuntu and will show which, if any of your network interfaces are configured and running.

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Thanks as i will try this and wish will se what i am missing and also i use usb 3.0 network device which ubuntu keep ignoring the setup of it whenever i try to install and make me feel like i should keep beat my head to a wall for that :P.

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