Well i downloaded the tar.bz2 package but when i try to compile it, it always need a new software to get installed(software dependences), like flex, gcc, bison etc.

Now i am frustrated with these installations.

so, is there any other method to install wine like to get a .deb file(am not able to find a .deb file for wine), or something pre-compiled which installs fine.

I don't have internet connection on ubuntu.
plz send me the link to .deb file or something like that or any method through which i can install wine on my ubuntu...

Thanks ;)

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You can download Debian binaries from the wine website. Heres the link http://www.winehq.org/download/ Though it may still try and pull down dependencies of its own which you will need to source and install yourself.

i too have a problem on installing wine on ubuntu 11.10. so if you have a solution for installing wine without internet connection. or if you have wine + all it's dependencies please put a link. i will appreciate if any one out there give me a hand to solve this

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