On my Xubuntu desktop the mouse cursor gets sometimes stuck in drag mode (hand symbol) and although the mouse cursor moves but the pointer does not.
Does anybody has the same problem ? Is there a simple way out of it ?
I am wondering if this is a bug or some (for me) hidden screen lock feature.
The only way out of this hang is to switch to another tty and restart lightdm.
The problem mostly appears when having Firefox open and moving the cursor from the Firefox window to another. I may press a button accidentally while doing this, but I am not aware of this.


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What version of Xubuntu and Firefox are you running? Also, what window manager? Finally, is your mount a wireless or wired device? If wireless, is it radio, or infrared. If wired, is it USB or PS/2?

I am using xubuntu 14.04.1 lts with chromemium and it is a desktop pc with wireless mouse.

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