im a student on attachement im failing to install linux on my machine .

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please be more specific about your issue, currently I don't see any attachment to your post.

im failling to install linux in my machine can u pliz help

Which OS are you using? Ubuntu, Fedora, Slackware...? Also, which error you get? At the moment is not possible to help you because you are not describing the problem. Give us details and maybe we can help.

What Linux are you trying to install? What version? What type of hardware do you have? At what point is the installation failing? Did any messages appear?

The more details you give, the more likely we are going to be able to help you. Generally it is better to give more information than less; we can wade through the data to find what is important much more easily than needing information and not having it, such as is the case right now.

Part of the idea of asking for the hardware is that if you are trying to install a 64-bit Linux on a 32-bit processor, the thing will not work. Trying to install 32-bit Linux on a 64-bit processor will also not work that well. Most advanced kernels today rely on features that older hardware do not support, such as PAE, and you would need to install a different version of the kernel to work on your processor.

There are lots of things that can go wrong while installing an operating system. That is why we need more information in order to diagnose the specific problem.

I installed Ubuntu 12.04 in my computer alongwith the Windows 7 Professional.
Though the installation was successful I am unable to log in in my own name.
It allows me to log in as guest. Hence I uninstalled Ubuntu from my computer.
Sometime back when I installed Ubuntu 12.04 along with the then existing Windows XP Professional Ubuntu was working fine with live cds, live programmes like Youtube and many more audio and video applications. Now though the installation goes through hours to get complete the ubuntu is not of any help as it is not giving audio,video and other applications.
I installed Red Hat Linux 9 in my computer but unable to view video related applications like Youtube, unable to enjoy music online and even cannot play audio/video cds. How to install a printer (HP Deskjet 2360) though the installation CD us available.
Please suggest how to overcome the above problems.

When you tried to log into Ubuntu, what did it do? I remember when I installed 32-bit Ubuntu 12.04 on a 64-bit machine, it installed properly, but then when I logged in, the GUI crashed. There are other problems that can occur with hardware incompatiblities as well.

For the RedHat install, it sounds like you need to install the proper supplementary software and codecs to view this stuff. In particular, DVD are encoded using a non-free protocol, so you may have to hunt around a bit to find the proper codec.

As for the printer, most HP printers are understood out of the box by CUPS. The Windows installation disk will generally be useless for Linux. Usually the CUPS interface is available inside your web browser at the address localhost:631 . After navigating there, plug in and turn on the printer. Click on Show Printers and it may actually be there automatically. If not choose Add Printer and follow the prompts.

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