I am pretty new to cron jobs, as i am sure you can tell.
So.... Let me tell you a little about my project. I am trying to create an invoice reminder system. What i have so far is a form that you fill in and upload an invoice, on submittion it logs the date to the Mysql. What i want now is a email to auto send after 30 days of submition as like a reminder of payment.

If anyone could help me out with this would be greatly appreciated.

Run a CRON job every day that reads the database for all invoices that have a submission date of 30 days ago. Email out only those emails.
So, your cron job will look like this:
30 1 * * * /call-your-script

That will run at 1:30 every day - you can change the time to suit what you need.

Aww thats great! Thank you in the call your script what do i need to put? Little confused with what i need to add there?

Any help would be much appreciated

That would be the script that accesses the database. Say for example it was a php file called getInvoices.php then you would have the full path to the script. This can also be a web URL e.g http://

Right ok, this is where i get stuck then as i have no idea how to start that :/

Do you have any examples i could use as a starting point to referance?

I don't mean to sound like I'm brushing you off but examples of database queries are pretty common online. You should be easily able to find something in your preferred language that you can then adapt or extend to what you need.
Once you have the basic outline you can post back on here about any particular problems you have.

Hi, here you have a description and a couple of examples of how to schedule a job with cron. You will need to make the script executable with the chmod +x SCRIPTNAME command.