I am in the process of learing the LAMP stack and may eventualy go with a GoDaddy Linux hosting account. I would like to develop a web site, deploy it on a server locally and get it going before purchasing hosting at GoDaddy. What would be a good version of Linux to use to simulate deploying and hosting a php/mySQL web site to GoDaddy?

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For a Linux server I would recommend trying something like Slackware or if you're not too comfortable with the command line I would try the server version of Ubuntu.

Thanks for the link Moncky that is what I was looking for. I decided to download the CentOS 5.5 DVD and will give it a try.

No problems, Its probably worth while dropping them an email and finding out what they would give you (ie version of OS version of http, mysql etc). Its a resonable request and there isnt really any reason that they should decline.

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