STEP 0 : Install

Install program pdftk and imagemagick :

sudo apt-get install pdftk imagemagick

STEP 1 : Convert

Input is :

Output is :
- topic-01.pdf (1 pages)
- topic-02.pdf (2 pages)
- topic-03.pdf (1 pages)

Basic convert :

find /image -type d | while read d; do convert "${d}"/.jpg ./"${d##/}.pdf"; done

Option resize convert(Reduced quality) :

find /image -type d | while read d; do convert -density 150 -quality 50 "${d}"/.jpg ./"${d##/}.pdf"; done

STEP 2 : Combine

Input is :

Output is :

Combine pdf files :

pdftk *pdf cat output onefile.pdf

You can also use /usr/bin/pdfunite to merge several pdf into one (in ubuntu, install package poppler-utils for this)

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