Recently, I have bought a kindle fire for ebook reading. But after I import my computer’s PDF ebooks to my kinlde, I found it not very comfortable to read PDF in Kindle, one of my friends said that it is a good choice for us to convert pdf to mobi for kindle? Really? Could you give me some suggestions for kindle reading? Should I have to convert my pdf to mobi for kindle reading? If, so , how can I do then? Yours every answers is welcome. Thanks very much!

Yes from my point of view .mobi is batter than .pdf file for kindle. You can convert your .pdf file to .mobi online or you can download software for the conversion. You can use this site for online conversion.

but sometime .mobi is look like just documents instead of book.The issue that is causing the device to register your .mobi file as a document rather than a book is that there was a personal doc tag (PDOC) placed in the .mobi file during conversion. This tag needs to be removed by reconverting the book without the problematic PDOC.

To solve this problem visit this website it has article to solve this problem and also software available that helps you.

Yeah, sometime, Kindle doesn’t support PDF well, you need to change the PDF into kindle’s .mobi. There are two free ways to change PDF to mobi for kindle reading, many Kindle users convert PDF to MOBI format using the free program Calibre, and anther way is, which is a cool online file conversion tool that can convert a variety of file formats from one format to another, but you just need to upload the file, select the output format, enter your email and click convert, but it is not a safe way, because you have to upload your files to the internet, so chose the way depending to your needs.

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Here is a free ebook tool for you.

You can easily convert your ebook from epub to pdf,epub to mobi, epub to kindle, etc.

Free Online Converter / EPUB Converter

It provides you with the best mobi to epub converting experience.

Hello. If your Kindle or other eReader doesn't support pdf files, you should take a chance and try this free conversion toolkit ( It can easily convert pdfs to mobi format for a better reading experience.

you can go to cloudconvert online

Thoughtful suggestions , For my two cents , if someone are wanting to merge some PDF files , We merged a tool here and also here

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