I am mostly working in Linux and it is very frustrating that there are few PDF tools on Linux have limited functionality. This is especially true when trying to manipulate a PDF file with forms. I found okular to be the best for visualizing most PDF files, including annotation and highlighting, but it is useless for looking at PDF files especially those with dynamic forms.

Recently I found PDF Studio that it appears that is Java based and has uniform functionality across the Mac, Windows and Linux platforms. For Linux users this is a real goldmine.
as it can do a lot of stuff that I previously thought is possible only with Acrobat. I like in particular that you can create PDFs from MS Word, create and save PDF forms, merge and split PDF files, and create table of contents. The plus version is actually what I need as it allows designing interactive forms, content editing and PDF splitting & merging.

However, although it does everything what Acrobat does it cannot read some PDF files that contain dynamic XFA forms. And this is a big problem for me as many of the governmental agencies in Canada seem to be stuck with this technology. I would like to be able to use Linux but it appears so far that only Acrobat can handle those.

Is there any hope that PDF Studio will implement those or are there any Linux tools that can handle those dynamic XFA forms?

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Adobe's cloud acrobat tools should deal with this just fine. Personal use is $12.99 / month subscription. Check on Adobe.com.

I tried Adobe Cloud based solution and it does not support dynamic XFA forms. I believe that these forms are phased out. Probably the best thing would be that the government agencies will not use them

If you could find an older version of Acrobat for Windows and install it in Wine, that may work. I really don't know since I never tried it. I had a full installed version of Acrobat when I worked at Adobe last year, on Windows 7, but I don't know if you can still get it or are stuck with the cloud version.

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