Hi! i have a problem, i'm a begginer in using linux, please can you tell me how to connect fedora 20 to internet through an ethernet cable?

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Do you have a laptop or desktop?

If its a desktop, do you have integrated (part of the motherboard) or discrete (card plugged into a slot in motherboard)
networking controller?

Ususally Fedora (at least for the past several years) has had great support for ethernet controllers right 'out of the box'.

Have you used this particular machine with other operating systems and had the internet work correctly through through ethernet?

Did you create the Fedora bootable media yourself? Did you install Fedora yourself? Did you have the computer connected to the router through the ethernet cable while you did the install?

If you have a discrete networking card, you might need unusual drivers that the Fedora live media did not have.

If you did make the live media yourself, did you check the .iso file integrity before writing it?

Are other computers on the same network able to access the internet?

Boot into the system. Login as root. Run the commands "lspci" and "lsmod", posting the output here.

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